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**Surprise yourself with a random needle minder from this cute collection!**

This order is for five randomly selected needle minders. The minders pictured here are just a few examples of what you may find in your order - some of these needle minders can be found in the TopKnot inventory, but some are grab-bag exclusives. You will receive a mix of enamel, wooden, resin, and acrylic needle minders- each with a retail value of $5-10! Surprise yourself with a totally random assortment or pick your favorite theme and treat yourself! 

A needle minder is a stylish and useful way to keep track of your needle. Two strong magnets are used- the decorative side goes on the front of your fabric, the second magnet attaches to the back. Instead of sticking your needle in a pillow, in a couch, or through the fabric of your work in progress, simply place it on the front of the needle minder. Find minders to match your projects or express your whimsical side with the needle minders from this shop!

The magnets won't damage your fabric, though it is recommend to remove it when storing your piece of work for long periods of time. For storage, keep the magnets away from electronics.

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